Here are our rules

We pride ourselves on the care of our fish to ensure that they stay healthy and continue to grow so that you can enjoy catching them for years to come.

  • 15lb minimum line strength
  • No braided mainline
  • No leaders (Leadcore or ‘Safe-zone’ type)
  • No fixed leads or running rigs. Leads must be able to drop off safely and easily
  • Rig tubing must be used to protect the the fish (Min 30cm)
  • No nut baits, or plastic baits (Note: nut based boilies are allowed)
  • No ‘Goo’ type flavourings to be used
  • 3 rod limit
  • Barbed hooks only. No curved shanks
  • All particles must be purchased on site
  • All unhooking and fish handling is to be done in the water on our floating unhooking mats that are provided. You will need waders if the water is cold
  • Klinic is provided and must be used
  • No sacking of fish
  • Under 16 to be supervised at all times
  • Checks of rigs / bait etc can happen at any time. (We reserve the right of refusal for fishing if tackle / bait etc is unsuitable)
  • Failure to comply with the rules could result in removal from Lac Rose