Here are comments from some of our customers

Had a unbelievable week 2-20 / 2-30 / 6-40 best 45 common Lac Rose must be the best kept secret in France what a place.

Len - May 2018

Had a great week, couldn’t have been looked after better, thank you Rich, Jo and Nick

Steven - June 2017

I’ve just come back from a week at Lac Rose where I can honestly say I had the best weeks holiday I’ve had for a long time. Caught numerous carp including 5-40’s and 8-30’s the biggest being 47.08 even though they had just spawned also! I would recommend this place to anyone, fantastic owners, an amazing value for money food package, and a very well looked after lake. This place really is worth every penny and leave you wanting to go back time and time again!

Pete - May 2017

Had A Great Week.. All fish were all over 30lb with my biggest at 39.8lb. Thank you to Kyle, James, Richard and Jo who made the week special for me. a week where i learned a lot and gained some more experience.. all caught on the crafty krill

Daz - August 2016